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Nocte by Courtney Cole



I listened to this one and I thought the narrators did an excellent job. Their voices were haunting and almost dead sounding. It added to the creepiness of the story.

I must confess that after I listened to the first chapter I knew what was happening in the story. I blame Kim for that becauseshe has made me watch and read some weird stuff. Nocte had the vibe of another book I had already read so I knew the twist. Even though I figured it out, I still think this was an excellent book. Had I not been “forced” to read weird stuff by Kim (love you, Kim)… I’m positive I would have been shocked by the twist.

I love going to Astoria, the setting for this story, and after listening to this book I will never look at that town the same way. It’s going to have a creepy feeling to it.

Because this story is dark and twisty I don’t even want to touch the plot for fear of ruining the book for someone who hasn’t read it yet. If you want a good twisty book for Halloween give this one a try.

Nocte (The Nocte Trilogy, #1) by Courtney Cole Verum (The Nocte Trilogy, #2) by Courtney Cole Lux (The Nocte Trilogy, #3) by Courtney Cole

Initium (Nocte Trilogy (2.5)) by Courtney Cole

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