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We’re excited to be part of the BOOKS I’M GRATEFUL I READ! giveaway hop. 

Amy’s book she’s grateful she read this year: 

sustainedSustained by Emma Chase

I’ve had several real life friends contact me asking for a book to read while they’re on vacation.
None of them know that I’m a book blogger … they just know that I read a lot of books.
Sustained is a book I’m able to recommend to them and not have to worry about them being offend by too much sex or over the top drama.  Sustained is a nice balance of all things great in the romance genre.

Kim’s book she’s grateful she read this year: 


Find You in the Dark by A. Meredith Walters

This was actually one of the first books that I read this year. It had been on (& off) my reading list for a very long time … I was happy to finally get to experience the incredibly emotional impact of this book. It is heartbreaking, yet inspirational.
Not only did I get an incredible read, but I had the pleasure of experiencing this book with my bestie Amy. I couldn’t have done it without her.


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