Review – REASONABLE DOUBT series by Whitney Gracia Williams


Whitney Gracia Williams

REASONABLE DOUBT: VOLUME 1 was quick and very entertaining for 78 pages. It hooks the reader right from the start.

Andrew has rules about the women he spends time with:


Until one particular lady, Aubrey, piques his interest and makes him reconsider his rules. Unfortunately for Andrew she has her own agenda when it comes to him.

“I had no idea what the f**k just happened, and only part of me liked it. The other half loved it.” Yes, Andrew, you summed up the book for me.

I read volume 1 last year… the day before the scheduled release of volume 2. Unfortunately, volume 2 didn’t come out for another month or so and in the meantime I became preoccupied with other books. Now, that I have the last two installments I’m going to finish this series.

Even though it’s been awhile since I’ve read about Andrew I do have to say, I’m still enjoying him and his dirty mouth.



It all started with:


Everything we had was built on lies…

I’ve completed all three volumes and Andrew’s a dirty mouth is very intriguing part of this series. While this couple had its ups and downs… throughout it all it was-> ENTERTAINING. If you like a dirty talker who is an assh*le then this novella series is for you. Plus, I forgot to mention the sexy times are off the charts.


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