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The Big Bang Theory book tag

My awesome friend, Angy  from Collector of Book Boyfriends & Girlfriends created this FUN book tag.  As a fan of watching TV I couldn’t wait to do this one.  I’m going to use THE BIG BANG THEORY for this tv book tag.

How To Play:
1) pick a tv show
2) then use gifs, memes, etc of that show to describe books and characters
It’s as easy as that – Here we go.

1.  Name your favorite author that you’d do anything to meet her/him in person.

I’d love to meet Susan Fanetti.
I find her fascinating.  I could totally picture us hanging out and dancing; maybe?!

2.  Name the book that made you question your sanity.

Actually it wasn’t one book but the a series.  Tristan & Danika series by R.K. Lilley.  The angst made me crazy in a good way.  I loved this series but it tested my sanity.

3.  Name your number one book boyfriend

Wow, there’s so many.  Hmmmm…#1.  I’d guess I’d pick Connor from Kiss The Sky by Krista & Becca Ritchie.

sad animated GIF


4.  Name the arc you’ve received that made you super excited.

There are so many that I was super excited for but I’m going to go with Love, In English by Karina Halle because it  was my first arc paperback copy.  Nothing like holding a real book.

5.  Name the book you literally devoured.

 I couldn’t put down Made by JM Darhower.  It’s a huge book but once I started it I knew there was no way I could stop reading it.  It was THAT good.

6.  Name the last book that left you with a huge book hangover.

I always get the worse hangover after I finish a book by Susan Fanetti.  The next two to three books I read after one of her books are always just okay.

7.  Name an addition to a series that you didn’t except and made you super happy.

The whole The Original Sinners Series by Tiffany Reisz had me in shock because I didn’t know what to except but I loved it.

8.  Name the hottest book you’ve ever read.

Oh, this is hard but I guess I’d have to say the Reasonable Doubt series by Whitney Gracia Williams.

9.  Name your favorite stand alone series.

I love the Hopeless series by Colleen Hoover.  It had me laughing and crying.

Here are a few more that I didn’t use but I’m putting them here for others to use:
•Name the most unexpected plot in a book you’ve ever read.
•Name the book boyfriends you’d totally would love to see all together in the same book.
•Name one character you’d fight your ass off for him/her.

I tag…

Can’t wait to see yours!


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