REVIEW: Sweet Filthy Boy by @ChristinaLauren ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ + Sweet Filthy Morning After

Sweet Filthy Boy
Wild Seasons
Christina Lauren

Foxy’s Review:

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

HOT DAMN!! The writing duo of Christina Lauren created another panty-melter. I read book 2, Dirty Rowdy Thing, first and then this one. I know, sometimes I’m backwards! 🙂

Viva Las Vegas!
I love books that at some point the characters end up in Vegas because you’re guaranteed for some crazy antics. And this book didn’t disappoint in that area. Mia and Ansel have just met and done something crazy that leads to Mia spending the summer with Ansel in his city, Paris. Who does that? Meets a guy and then spends a summer living with him 5,000 miles away?!


Did the authors read my diary?
Oh wait! That would be me who meets a guy who lives 3,000 miles away while in college and then flies across the country to spend the summer with him. Like Mia I was in my early twenties when I decided to be wild and free for the summer! Btw, that guy I spent the summer with followed me back home, after the summer, and we’ve been married 20 years in September. So, I totally understood Mia’s need to escape from family and life pressures and just go be someone else for a few months. My teens better not be reading this review because I won’t be supporting them if they decide to follow in their parents footsteps. *lol*

Naughty student and the Professor!,
All their roleplaying foreplay was S.T.E.A.M.Y. Seriously, I loved watching them get into character and let their awkwardness melt away. It was a great way to learn more about each other without having to have a sit down conversation. Especially since Ansley was forced to work the majority of the time Mia was visiting. He’s an upcoming lawyer who is aspiring to get ahead on the case he was working on so he could have the pick of jobs.

Avoidance… never the answer.
Ansley has a past he’s been avoiding telling Mia about because he’s afraid it will ruin their future. And, at the same time, Mia is escaping from the realities of her life: broken relationship with her dad, her career ending injury, and not wanting to continue her education by getting a Master’s degree. When all those things bubble to the surface they are no longer able to live in denial. They are forced to take responsibility for their actions.

Sweet Filthy Boy was a book that worked for me. It was sweet but not cheesy . . . it was steamy but not erotica. Just an all around fun romantic book. I’m looking forward to Oliver’s book that comes out in the Fall but now that I know about Perry, I’m dying to see how the authors’ work that story into an HEA.

Don’t forget to check out the novella that tells Ansel’s point of view of the morning after. It’s an audio for $1.95->

Sweet Filthy Boy (Wild Seasons, #1) by Christina Lauren Dirty Rowdy Thing (Wild Seasons, #2) by Christina Lauren Dark Wild Night (Wild Seasons, #3) by Christina LaurenWicked Sexy Liar
1 – Ansel | 2 – Finn | 3 – Oliver | 4 – Perry
To find out when the next book is going to be released AND if there will be more books in the series click here.

Sweet Filthy Morning After (Wild Seasons, #1.5) by Christina Lauren
**Complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.**

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SWEET FILTHY MORNING AFTER novella (audio):I listened to this one. It cost a $1.95 for 30 minutes of Ansel’s point of view of the morning after. ->
It was worth it to hear his french accent. Ooh La La

If you want to read an author interview and read this scene check out->

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