Day 9 of 14 days of Favorite Book Couples {Ridge & Sydney} @colleenhoover + #Giveaway


FMA and Foxy have teamed up to bring you fourteen of their favorite book couples in honor of Valentine’s day.


One of the most romantic moments in a Romance Novel is the FIRST KISS.
Maybe Someday is a passionate tale of friendship, betrayal, and romance.


I let my forehead fall against hers, and I feel a rumble from deep within my chest rise up my throat.  The sound I feel pass my lips causes her mouth to open in a gasp, and the way her lips are slightly parted causes my mouth to immediately connect with hers in a search of relief I desperately need.

Relief is exactly what I find the second our lips meet. It’s as if every pent-up, denied feeling I’ve held toward her is suddenly uncaged, and I’m able to breathe for the first time since I met her.

Her fingers continue to sift through  my hair, and my grip tightens against the back of her head, pulling her closer. She allows my tongue to slip inside and find hers.  She’s warm and soft, and the vibrations from her moans begin to leave her mouth and flow straight into mine.

My lips softly close over hers, and then I part them, and we do it all over again, but with less hesitation and more desperation.  Her hands are now running down my back, and my hand is slipping to her waist, and my tongue is exploring the incredible way hers dances against mine to a song only our mouths can hear. The desperation and speed at which we’re escalating this kiss make apparent that we’re both attempting to get as much out of each other as we can before the moment ends.

{This excerpt is reproduced by kind permission of Colleen Hoover}



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Maybe Someday book  | Colleen Hoover’s: Amazon author page 


Four winners of this giveaway will receive a kindle copy of one of the following books:
Six of Hearts by LH Cosway
Made by JM Darhower
Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover
Dirty Angels by Karina Halle

The above books can all be read as a standalone.

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Day seven – Drew & Ashley | Day eight – Tristan & Danika | Day nine – Ridge & Sydney

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Day thirteen – Javier & Luisa | Day fourteen – Christian & Ana  

Check back daily, as links will be updated. 

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6 thoughts on “Day 9 of 14 days of Favorite Book Couples {Ridge & Sydney} @colleenhoover + #Giveaway

  1. Maybe Someday is my best book ever..i love Ridge..i don’t think that i ever cry so ugly like when Ridge “listen” Sydney with his head on her heart…

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