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Shadow & Soul
The Night Horde SoCal
Susan Fanetti


Michael “Demon” Van Buren is an enforcer with the Night Horde SoCal. He is a man tormented by his past, by the beast that lurks in his soul. He wants nothing more than to have love and a family, to be a good father to his young son, to have a home. But the experiences of his life have warped him, and he despairs of ever having, or deserving, the chance.

Demon met Faith Fordham when they were young—when she was quite young. The daughter of the former club’s Sergeant at Arms, Faith set her sights on the Prospect with the romance-hero eyes, and she didn’t care that her father, and her age, had made her off limits. As captivated by her as she was by him, and a slave to his impulses, Demon, too, ignored the dangers of loving the SAA’s forbidden daughter.

It ended in the only way it could. They were torn apart, lost to each other. Losing everything.

Ten years later, Faith comes home to a place she’d never lived, and Demon, darker now than ever, is there.

Note: explicit sex and violence.

Foxy’s Review:

Shadow & Soul opens with a poignant dedication that sets the tone of this story.

”This story is also dedicated to the children no one looks out for, and to the adults they become.”
I knew right away my heart was going to be in my throat for this book.description

Shadow & Soul is a forbidden romance that progresses into a second chance romance with the heartiness of Michael (“Demon”) and Faith’s tumultuous love story. Demon’s story begins in book one; Strength & Courage, and becomes the main focus of this book. When we first meet this broken man I knew I was going to love his story because it wouldn’t be an easy, peasy, cheesy love story. Ms. Fanetti’s muse, Lola, loves to play with her beloved characters and Demon was no exception. Lola’s been quoted as saying, “Sure, I love a good torture. Blood and guts is my meat and potatoes. But angst—tears—that’s my Dom Perignon. When Susan cries while she’s writing, I am intoxicated.” *shivers*

Faith was born and raised in the MC where she grew up feeling connected to the lifestyle. While Demon was raised in foster care where he had to learn to fend for himself. Even though, their childhoods were shaped differently these two were immediately attracted to each other.The shadow of their past love affair still haunts them ten years later when they meet again. At this meeting it’s as if all those years had vanished and their souls were intertwined together. Despite the fact their relationship was no longer forbidden the fear they felt from the earlier years still lingers in the shadows of their re-acquaintance. Along with their past fears both of them have personal stuff they are dealing with that test the strength of their newly formed bond.descriptionI loved how emotional this love story is with both characters battling their own “demons.” Ms. Fanetti is a favorite author of mine because she isn’t afraid to write a story that has realistic aspects even if it breaks the readers hearts. Lola’s ability to make a story come alive with the facet of realness adds to each story. The characters never travel the easy road but instead they battle uphill for their happiness.
♥Thank you for another well told tale from the mc world, Ms. Fanetti. ♥Meet the men of Night Horde of SoCal Motorcycle Club(& their women):
Hoosier: President.
♥Bibi♥: Mama to the Horde familyBart: (30ish years old) Vice President
♥Riley♥: movie star.

Connor: SAA. Hoosier’s son.

Lakota: Secretary & Treasurer.

Sherlock: Intelligence Officer.

Muse: (43 years old) Enforcer. Somewhat of a mentor to Demon
♥Sid♥: social worker

Demon: (32 years old) Enforcer. A scarred man from a rough upbringing.
♥Faith♥: born and raised in an MC

♥Ingrid♥: model

Ronin: (50 years old) patch.
J.R.:patch. Only black member of of the Horde.

Release date: 3/14/2015
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Strength & Courage (Night Horde SoCal, #1) by Susan Fanetti Shadow & Soul (The Night Horde SoCal, #2) by Susan Fanetti
Continuing story where secondary characters from the first book become the main focus in subsequent books.
Book 1 – Muse | Book 2 – Demon | Book – Nolan
To find out if there will be more books in the series click here.

**Complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.**

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Kim’s Review:

5 Beats Stars! Actually, make that TEN!


Susan Fanetti has astounded me, yet again!

I knew this book was going to blow my mind when the dedication brought tears to my eyes. Yes, I was hooked right from the opening page. Oh, the magnificence! And even though it made me a big sappy, stupid mess, I didn’t want it to ever end!

This is the story of Demon and Faith.

Ten years ago their forbidden romance ended in persecution …

Wrong. All of it was so fucking wrong. He needed to get clear. Instead, he grabbed her face in his hands and kissed her.

… and when their young love was torn apart it left nothing but pain, regret and longing.

You’re so young. You still see your life like an epic story that you get to tell … Life isn’t epic. It’s small and made up of mistakes.

A decade later, their love has not diminished …

How could that be? How could a decade just disappear? How could all that time not make things softer, easier to bear?

… can they overcome the shadows of their pasts while fighting for an uncertain future?

Michael ‘Demon’ Van Buren is such a beautiful, tortured soul. Never have I read a more challenging character … a male character with such conflicting and overwhelming emotions. His backstory is so heartbreaking, every little step forward had me clutching at my heart. There were moments when I wanted to just reach into the book and wrap my arms around him; to let him know that he was loved and accepted. His struggle just made me FEEL … especially the scenes involving his son, Tucker … Daddy Demon had me swooning. ♥♥♥

No secrets. No shame. That’s family. Trouble is as much the glue as love.

Faith Fordham is an incredibly strong, passionate and creative leading lady. Her spunky, sixteen year old attitude morphs into an adult self-assuredness … But it is her utter devotion to Michael and her unwavering love that really makes her perfect for this story … no amount of personal angst or drama holds her back from loving her man.

I’m not afraid of you, Michael. You’re not a demon. You’re a man – with a scarred and beautiful heart.


This second book in The Night Horde SoCal series is a testament to the brilliance of Susan Fanetti’s writing abilities.
Love story aside … this book deals with so many issues; abuse, cognitive disorder, family definition, jealousy and forgiveness. And, despite having all that going on – plus the dealings of a progressively unlawful MC – it was never over the top or unrealistic … it was just the opposite. This book is understated and thoughtful … just so utterly REAL. I truly felt like I could walk into the Night Horde SoCal world and meet real people … experience real events.

Every single word holds meaning. Every meaning holds hope.
Every hope holds happiness …

If you’ve yet to catch on to the wonder of this author … well, I honestly don’t know what you’re waiting for?! Susan Fanetti is simply amazing!

Thank you to the author for providing me advanced access to this stunning book!

Release date March 14, 2015
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Series reading order:
Strength & Courage Shadow & Soul

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