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This week I’m jumping back to 2014.  Last year the Signal Bend series was put on my radar when several of my friends were reading it on Goodreads.  My friend, Irene, posted she was going to host a buddy read on Goodreads for book #5.  She posted the date as 12/4/2014.   I got all excited because that would give me enough time to start the series and be ready by the time December rolled around.  But I found out that the buddy read was happening on April 12th NOT December 4. LOL!!! I guess, my American-self was showing when I just assumed the “12” meant December.   Irene encouraged me to catch up and be ready for book #6, Show the Fire.

I grabbed my “sweet cheeks”, Kim, and made her read the whole series with me.  We read book after book in this series until we caught up to the newest release.  We LOVED them.  This series consumed us!

I’m in awe of Susan Fanetti’s ability to write this whole series (8 books) in a 6 month time period!

Seriously, that takes talent and amazing writing skills to pull off a feat like that. These aren’t novella size books but instead full length novels… how does someone write that many well put together books in such a short time?! I can barely write a review let alone a book.

On May 14, 2014, I read Move the Sun by Susan Fanetti.  My review is short because I was on a mission to catch up and buddy read with Irene and her group. It was the start of reading my favorite mc books and I’ve been hooked on Ms. Fanetti’s books ever since.  She has three series… 2 mc series and a series about an  Italian-American family.  It’s no secret that Ms. Fanetti is a favorite author of mine.
On a side note: I’ve read every book by her except one (Rooted -The Pagano Family series). I  plan to read it soon. I’m waiting for Kim to catch up so we can buddy read it together.

★ ★ ★ ★ 

A captivating MC book that grabs you from the prologue and holds you to the last page. Seriously?! How can you go wrong with a badass beauty who grew up in a man’s world. When her world collides with the Night Horde Motorcycle Club it becomes a:

“…sh*tstorm threatening to become a tsunami.”

I’ve been asked how this book compares to the Undeniable series. Undeniable is a total mindf*ck. It reminds me of the TV show SOA. I love the Undeniable series and I love Move The Sun. The Night Horde MC is a milder version of SOA. Don’t get me wrong there is plenty of dirty sex and fights to make it a worthy MC book.


Move the Sun (Signal Bend, #1) by Susan Fanetti Behold the Stars (Signal Bend, #2) by Susan Fanetti Into the Storm (Signal Bend, #3) by Susan Fanetti Alone on Earth (Signal Bend, #4) by Susan Fanetti All the Sky (Signal Bend, #5) by Susan Fanetti Show the Fire (Signal Bend, #6) by Susan Fanetti
Continuing story where secondary characters from the first book become the main focus in subsequent books.
Book 1 – Isaac | Book 2 – Isaac | Book 3 – “Showdown” | Book 4 – Bart | Book 5 – “Havoc” | Book 6 – Len
To find out if there will be more books in the series click here.

In Dark Woods (Signal Bend, #4.5) by Susan Fanetti

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