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Show the Fire Book Cover Show the Fire
Signal Bend
Susan Fanetti


Len Wahlberg, the Night Horde MC’s Sergeant at Arms, has had Isaac Lunden’s back for decades. A loner at heart, he has needed no closer bond than the brotherhood of his club. For years, he’s preferred to take his women in groups, because he has neither needed nor wanted the intimacy of a coupling. 

But after he’s seriously wounded in a firefight, feeling his age and mortality more acutely than ever before, he discovers that his own company isn’t enough any longer. He needs a stronger, more intimate bond, and he finds that connection in an old friend. 

Natasha Westby is a club daughter. Her father, the Horde’s first SAA, raised her alone, within the rough and rowdy walls of the clubhouse. After a torrid, youthful affair with Isaac ended in public humiliation and heartbreak, Tasha left Signal Bend and found a safe distance from which to make a life—close enough to stay connected to her family, but far enough to live her life outside the club. She built a complete, contented, unconventional life that has little to do with Signal Bend or her club family. 

As a doctor working at the nearest hospital, she finds herself involved more and more deeply with the club as its business becomes more and more dangerous. When her family ties finally upend her separate life, she is drawn back home and into Len’s arms. 

While Len and Tasha try to understand and define their connection to each other, and Tasha struggles with her reentry into the world of the club, the Horde’s unwilling entanglement with a dangerous drug cartel becomes deadly. Fighting for justice and freedom against a man who will commit any atrocity to assert his power, the Horde family experiences pain and loss the likes of which it has never known before. 

Love and hope are all they have left. 

Note: Dark themes. Explicit sex, graphic violence. 

Foxy's Review:

**4.5 Horde stars**

WARNING: Hand holding is required for this book. Tears will flow.

A lot of stuff happens in this edition of Signal Bend. The cruelest enemy to cross paths with the Horde has left his mark on the brothers. The brothers see some of their darkest days in this book.

To love a man of the Night Horde was to know hurt.

Why not 5 stars? My reason deals with the beginning of the book. Len and Tasha relationship was not my cup of tea. Len mentioned that he felt like he needed to get his head examined. I was beginning to feel that about their relationship. I agree with Len when he said, (view spoiler)

Meet the men of Night Horde Motorcycle Club(& their women): 
Isaac: (40 years old) President and runs the town. A huge nerd.
♥Lilli♥: badass chick. Former military. 
Showdown: (54 years old) Vice President. Loyal and wise. Isaac’s bestfriend. 
♥Shannon♥: high class. Skirts and high heels type of gal.
Bart: (30 years old) (view spoiler)
♥Riley♥: movie star. 
Havoc: (38 years old) Enforcer. Bart’s bestfriend. Rough around the edges. Bullheaded
♥Cory♥: hippie girl. single mom. 
Len: (48 years old) Sergeant at Arms. Loner.
♥Tasha♥: club daughter. doctor.
Dom: (26 years old) patch. 
Badger: (24 years old) youngest patch. 
Tommy: (30ish years old) transferred in. Ex-Navy. Bold, brash young gun.
Zeke: (60 years old) transferred in. Former outlaw.
Double A: (22 years old) prospect

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Continuing story where secondary characters from the first book become the main focus in subsequent books.
Book 1 – Isaac | Book 2 – Isaac | Book 3 – “Showdown” | Book 4 – Bart | Book 5 – “Havoc” | Book 6 – Len | Book 7 – “Badger”
To find out when book 7 will be released click here.

In Dark Woods (Signal Bend, #4.5) by Susan Fanetti 
(#4.5 – Isaac)

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