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Kim and I were lucky to read Today & Tomorrow a week early.
We both loved it and want to share a kindle copy with two lucky participants.
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Foxy’s Review

Today & Tomorrow is breathtakingly beautiful.


It’s open and honest with the messier side of love. From the blurb we learn that Nolan has fallen for a dying girl. There’s no surprises how this story will end and yet I was surprised on how deeply moved I was by the beauty of the relationship that forms between Analisa and Nolan. Yes, there is heartache and painbut there is also contentment and encouragement. Don’t short change yourself on passing by this book because you’re afraid of having your heart broken. There is so much beauty in this story plus Nolan is a strong character. Through his time spent with Analisa he becomes the man he can be proud of. He has no regrets allowing for his heart to fall for someone who only has limited “todays.”

Ms. Fanetti’s voice as a writer shines through with what feels like a personal experience. Each SoCal Horde series, up to this point, has covered very tough subjects. Subjects that lend to an authentic realness for each of these books. When I read this dedication I knew this was going to be another heartfelt book:
”For Adam, who never got a chance to fall in love.”

Even though I went into this book with my guard up before long I let everything go and was just in the moment with this book. To me, that’s a sign of a talented writer when you brace yourself against foreseeable heartache and yet you get so immersed in the story that before long your guard has been long forgotten. I’m not afraid to cry and have my heart broken because it means that the book touched me on a deeper level. Life isn’t all about rainbows and sunshine and books like this reminds me that life isn’t fair. BUT what counts is how we react to what is given to us and that makes us who we are.


I listened to ‘You and Me’ by Lifehouse while reading this story and it really spoke to me about their love. There is no guarantee about tomorrow but for now there is just YOU and ME and that’s all that matters.

I’ve been a fan of Nolan since the Signal Bend series. As a Christmas surprise Ms. Fanetti wrote a short snippet about Nolan ->
I’m forever honored that it was dedicated to me. *humbled*

♥Thank you, Ms. Fanetti, for another captivating story.♥ This story created a lot of conversation between Kim and me. #bookbonding I’m grateful for all the feels this book gave me.

RELEASE DATE: 4/11/2015
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Strength & Courage (Night Horde SoCal, #1) by Susan Fanetti Shadow & Soul (Night Horde SoCal, #2) by Susan Fanetti
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Today & Tomorrow (Night Horde SoCal, #2.5) by Susan Fanetti

**Complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.**

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Kim’s Review

… and all the tears from my eyesThis is not just a book, or a story, or a simple romantic notion.
It is so much more …This is a journey, an experience, a life lesson.
It is pure, raw emotional power.
What does it mean to love and be loved?
It is the beauty and the pain of life itself.
Nolan is questioning his worth in his club. He’s not really sure what kind of man he is. A good man? A bad man? What does that mean? And has he earned the right to sit in his father’s seat at the club table?Analisa is dying. But her terminal prognosis isn’t going to stop her from enjoying the time she has left. She’s got a ‘Kick It list’ that she is determined to fulfill. And she’s not going to let fear stand in her way.

When these two meet it is pure perfection … their connection is unforeseen … the bond they develop and the love that they share is surprising … and despite the hurt, there is healing.

”I love you. It feels good to love you.”

It is no secret that I am a giant Fanetti Fangirl. I countdown like a crazy woman to each one of her releases. It is also no secret that I am a huge Nolan fan. I have been dreaming of the day he would get his own book, since the first moment I read about his character in All the Sky.

So my hopes & dreams have finally come true & I couldn’t be happier with the outcome … even though this book completely gutted me … there was utter perfection in this devastating tale … despite all the agony, this is a story of strength … a story of capturing every last moment you can … take nothing for granted, not even a broken heart.

In these days and these hours of fury
When the darkness and answers are thin
Lovers come and check out in a hurry
Shallow and hollow again
Come lay your body beside me
To dream to sleep with the lamb
To the question your eyes seem to send

Am I your passion your promise your end
I say I am
Yes I am

Your passion your promise your end
Yes I am

Lyrics from “Yes I am” by Melissa Etheridge

Be warned: you will need your kleenex and your bestie to hug it out with (Thank you Amy!)… this book is not for the weak of heart.

Fuck you, Cancer!

Thank you to the author for providing a complimentary copy of this book … truly an amazing gift!

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