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(A Sawtooth Mountains Story, #2)

Susan Fanetti


Honor Babinot is one of the best defense attorneys in Idaho, with a long list of high-profile wins on her resumé already. But her elite law firm is an old-boys’ club, and to the partners she’s just a ‘little lady,’ despite her success. After another major win in the courtroom, she makes a bold move to leave the swanky office behind and step out on her own.

Someday, she’ll reach the success she’s worked so hard for, and on her own terms.

Logan Cahill is the eldest son of a powerful rancher and heir to the Cahill family legacy. He’s also a notorious ladies’ man, who’s avoided commitment to anything but his family. Now that he’s past forty, and his younger siblings have the next generation of Cahills handled, Logan is well set in his ways and perfectly content to be married to the Twisted C Ranch.

Someday, he’ll be head of the family he loves, and he wants nothing to draw him from it.

Since Honor saved Logan’s younger brother from conviction for a murder he didn’t commit, she’s taken up acreage in his head. Honor certainly remembers Logan. A chance encounter brings them back together, and sudden trouble draws them close. They can’t deny or resist the fire that ignites between them.

Honor is married to her career. Logan is married to the Twisted C. Neither wants to need the other. Neither has room in their plans for love.

But love has plans of its own.


WOW! SOMEDAY started out with a bang!  Honor is a defense attorney and she has a case that has horrifying details.  I forgot I was reading a fiction story because I was so absorbed into the court case.  That case sets the tone for Someday.

Honor is working in a firm where she’s not respected as an equal.  Honor knows her worth and gives the firm an ultimatum – make her a partner or she walks.  She does what she has felt deeply in her soul she should have done awhile ago by walking out and going at it on her own.  This is a moment when the reader wants to stand up and clap for Honor.

Setting up her own practice has its challenges that Honor navigates while persevering in her career and life. The reader is able to feel her struggle and also celebrate in the small victories.

Unfortunately, there are some troubles that follow Honor into her new job and life.  Just when I’d think everything was going to be smooth sailing, I’d be in shock by what I was reading.   I have to admit I loved how much this book kept me on my toes.

Oh yea, I haven’t forgotten about the male love interest, Logan.  One of my favorite description of a male character was in this book.
“Logan Cahill stood on the sidewalk, right outside their locked door. The sunset lit him up like a sacred idol, painting his edges with gold shimmer. With his hair and beard, he looked like a cowboy Jesus.”

Logan never saw himself settling down. He wasn’t a one-woman man.  He was content with his ranch life and visiting his “lady friends” when he went to the big city.  It’s not just Honor who grows and changes as the story goes along BUT Logan who has to come to terms with being in a relationship.  Logan will grapple with figuring out what he wants for his future.

Someday is the second book in The Sawtooth Mountains Story series. It can be read as a standalone. Lovers of small-town romances will enjoy this one.  The feel of family and community is strong within these pages.  I was so immersed in their story that I was constantly glued to my kindle.

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