Day 2 of 14 days of Favorite Book Couples {Justin & Celeste} @JessicaPark24 + #Giveaway


FMA and Foxy have teamed up to bring you fourteen of their favorite book couples in honor of Valentine’s day.


One of the most romantic moments in a Romance Novel is the FIRST KISS.
Flat-Out Celeste is young adult book that teens will enjoy too.


“My heart is pounding. Do you feel that?  You make me so nervous, but I’m so comfortable at the same time. I don’t know how to make sense of those two things happening at the same time.”  

“Why are you nervous?”  

“Because I’m going to kiss you. And I better do a good job because I want you to like it.” 

“I feel sure that I will.”

“How could you know that?”

“Because it is you.”

She loved the sweetness he evoked as he inched closer.  When his mouth first touched hers, she closed her eyes and drifted.  His kiss was tentative initially, one soft kiss before he pulled back a hint.  He kissed her like that again, just a brief connection before backing up.  The cold on his lips was a stark contrast to the heat Celeste  was starting to feel.  This was a new kind of heat, different from any that she had ever experienced. It did not arrive on the surface of her skin as from the sun, but came from within.  These light kisses had ignited her. She was the one who should be nervous and unsure, but she could  sense Justin was the one filled with caution.  

She could taste it on him.

Celeste eased her hands from around his neck, moving over his skin until his face was in her hands.  Justin kissed her fully now, pressing his mouth against hers, moving so smoothly and so perfectly.  He was guiding her, making it impossibly easy to respond. For a split second he pulled away.  “You give me such clarity,” he said.  She felt the breath of his words on her mouth.  And that felt like everything she could possibly hope for.
{This excerpt is reproduced by kind permission of Jessica Parks}



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Four winners of this giveaway will receive a kindle copy of one of the following books:
Six of Hearts by LH Cosway
Made by JM Darhower
Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover
Dirty Angels by Karina Halle

The above books can all be read as a standalone.

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