Happy release day: CRAZY CAT by Susan Fanetti #5stars


(Capital City MMA #2)

Susan Fanetti


Camila “Crazy Cat” Castro is on the verge of MMA stardom, climbing the rankings, laser-focused on making a chance at the flyweight belt. After growing up in the system, she’s built a careful, mainly solitary life for herself, with nothing to distract her from her goal in the cage.

And no one close enough to hurt her outside it.

Hector “Hex” Lopez grew up in chronic homelessness with his mentally ill mom. Now he runs a shelter himself. He was able to overcome the obstacles and mistakes of his past with the help of a few good people, and he’s devoted his life to holding his own hand out to others.

He’s also got some atoning to do.

When Mila and Hex meet, the mutual attraction sparks at once. When they finally get together, those sparks catch fire. But before they can build something together, they’ve got to deal with their pasts—including the past they didn’t know they shared.

That shared past is painful, and it shaped them both forever. If they’re going to overcome it, they’ve got some hard work to do.



Crazy Cat caught my attention right away by having a woman, Mila, MMA fighter. Mila grew up in the foster system. She never felt secure in her housing situation. As an adult, she decided to join a gym and learn MMA skills so that her petite size wouldn’t leave her vulnerable.

Hex was a former gang member who got jumped out. He turned to education as a way to better his situation. After graduating college he became a director of a homeless shelter. As a kid Hex grew up in homeless shelters. His mother had died from mental illness when she was unable to get her meds which left Hex to fend for himself. Fortunately for him, he had someone who ran the shelter that took an interest in his life. That person was there when Hex hit the lowest point in his life. They gave him the support he needed to pull his life together.

I really enjoyed their story. There are some big obstacles Mila & Hex both must get over to be able to have a relationship together. But those hurdles they conquer make for an even better story.

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