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Time Warp Wednesday

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Keeping in the spooky theme for October.

This week’s time warp brings us back, once again, to October 2013.

 This was a book that received some very mixed reviews … Red Hill by Jamie McGuire. I truly enjoyed this step away from traditional contemporary romance.

Red Hill (Red Hill, #1)Red Hill by Jamie McGuire

4.5 stars

OK all you Jamie McGuire fans – you may want to turn away now, ’cause you’re very likely going to hate my opinion.

First, let me say that I only mildly enjoyed Beautiful & Walking Disaster … so this book was a very nice surprise.

In my opinion Red Hill is a much more mature, well rounded and generally, better written book than either of the Disaster books. There is very little traditional romance in this book. And I LOVED that – it suited this book perfectly.

There are a terrific set of characters in this story. We get multiple pov’s throughout, with some timelines overlapping, so we get to see the same scene from a different perspective.

I don’t want to give away anything to spoil your read (and kudos to you if you’re still reading this review) … but I will tell you that there is an excellent underlying theme that, if you’re paying good attention, not only plays out for each character, but relates very nicely to real life. Oh, and just one more small tease … There are Zombies in this book … And I LOVE that too!

Bravo Ms McGuire! And thank you for taking the risk to write this book!

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