Unbeloved Book Cover Unbeloved
Madeline Sheehan

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Dorothy Kelley is a born romantic, searching for her prince. Instead she finds herself pregnant at fifteen, and a in a loveless marriage by the tender age of eighteen. Then hope comes riding into her life on a motorcycle and within weeks, Jason “Jase” Brady, a member of the Hell’s Horsemen motorcycle club, sweeps Dorothy off her feet. 

But nothing is ever simple for Dorothy. Jase is married with children. And as Dorothy patiently waits for Jase to give her the happily-ever-after she’s been dreaming about, James “Hawk” Young, a member of the Hell’s Horsemen with secrets of his own, sees an opening into Dorothy’s life and takes it. What follows is a long and painful journey of self-discovery and forgiveness, as Dorothy comes to realize that home was exactly where she’d left it, and the love she’d forever craved had always been within her reach. 

This is the story of Dorothy, Jase, and Hawk. 

We are all born pure; it is our journey that burdens us and leads us astray. Our mistakes that beat us down and cover us in guilt and shame, burying us a little more with each passing hardship. It is up to us to dig ourselves out, to come to terms with our faults, to embrace not only our imperfections but those of the ones we love, and to once again find the path we strayed from. 

Foxy's Review:

This isn’t just my story, the story of a broken woman who lost her way. It’s also the story of my children, the men I loved, and the friends who were more family to me than my own. This is the story of us all, all our fates intertwined.And for that reason alone, pain and death be damned, I wouldn’t change a thing. -Dorothy


Even though I’m not a fan of love triangles this was one that I was looking forward to reading. A lot of the angst and drama with this love triangle begins in the previous book. Unbeloved spans many years with numerous changes taking place for the overall MC. 

BUT In the end…I’d been in love with two men. -Dorothy

Meet the men of Hell’s Horsemen Motorcycle Club: 
Deuce: President. Born and raised in the club.
Ripper: Sergeant of Arms. Scarred by Frankie.
Cage: Deuce’s son. Man whore.
Dirty: A tortured soul.
Hawk: A loner
Jase: Marine by day, biker by night
ZZ: Dumped by two women

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No cliffhangers. Each story follows the previous one.

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