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Tulsa, Oklahoma, 2002.

Gary Becker never wanted to lead. He hates to be the center of attention, and he doesn’t feel up to the job. But Delaney shocked the Bulls when he retired and set aside the gavel, and the Bulls shocked Becker when they unanimously voted to hand that gavel over to him.

Now he’s the president of the Brazen Bulls MC, and he’s trying to figure out how to deserve that new flash on his chest, and how to bring the club back from the edge it’s teetering on.

Sage Cleary is trying to figure out her own life and help her mother figure out hers. The latest in a lifelong line of her mom’s abusive boyfriends is one of the worst, and Sage is doing all she can to protect herself and her mom, too. But her mom doesn’t want to be rescued, and doesn’t see that Sage needs rescue, too.

When the mysterious, hot biker who lives behind their house jumps the fence one night and saves them, Sage goes to thank him properly. But he’s older, and thinks she’s too young for him.

Sage has never been one to let a little rejection get in her way, and once she gets to know Becker a little, she’s determined to show him how right they are together. He just needs to see that the truths between their lives are much closer than the years between their births.





Like all good things there comes a time when it must end. As much as I want to stay in the Brazen Bulls world and follow them for the next 20 + years their story arc has come to an end.

Becker ‘wasn’t just a biker. He wasn’t just an outlaw. He wasn’t just a Brazen Bull. He was president of the notorious outlaw biker gang, The Brazen Bulls.’ Being president wasn’t something he wanted, it was something the club decided when their former president retired.

Sage is young -not jailbait young – but close, at the age of just 20 years old. She’s lived a hard life as a child of a mother who’s been consistently abused. Sage learned how to survive and be strong as she navigated her way through life.

Becker became a hero -’guardian biker-angel’- when he helped out his neighbor, Sage, who was in danger from her mother’s abusive boyfriend. He never considered Sage beyond a neighbor since she was 24 years his junior. Sage kept coming around and finally forging a bond with Becker.

Usually, the danger in the mc world comes from their lifestyle and dealings except in this story that really isn’t the case. Sage comes with her own set of baggage. That baggage is one that runs deeps and is emotional. I cried both sad and happy tears in several spots in this story.

LEAD is the 8th and final book in the Brazen Bulls. I’m sad this is the end of the series but I know that with any good series it has to know how to end. And I’m more than satisfied with how it all wrapped up. My heart is full of all the connections I got to make with the Brazen Bulls.

The overall arc that flows through Brazen Bulls series is one I love. At its core, it is about being part of a “family” where everyone belongs. In good times and bad, the club supports each other. You can read this series without having read any of the other MC series Ms. Fanetti has written, so far. This series is set back, in time, before her other series … in the mid-‘90s and early-‘00s.


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HONOR | 1999 | Apollo & Jacinda
FIGHT | 2000 | Ox & Maddie
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LEAD | 2002 | Becker & Sage

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