3 thoughts on “Hop on a Mountain Man blog hop #giveaway on Facebook @KristenAshley68

  1. Well I guess that people living outside USA are not worth enough to participate in this giveaway and it is a shame to say that this is some kind of IN thing with blogs. I’m not saying that this is your thing too Amy and Kim but it saddens me when I see those posts.
    Blogs are always complain about the cost of shipping but they don’t know and realise that other counties over the world pays a lot more if they buy stuff from USA. If I want a book that is on Amazon 14$ my payment is almost 24$.

    I’m sorry that I had to wrote this but I do get a feeling like I’m some kind of dirt on this Earth and mostly why would I support those blogs?

    1. Oh, Janja, I’m so sorry. This wasn’t meant to make anyone feel bad. Several of the blogs involved aren’t from the USA.

      From one of the participating blogs who is also not a US blog – We really wanted to make this an international giveaway but the international P&P from KA website for signed books was just not conceivable. I’m in France and to get the set delivered here, it would cost over $250. Which is almost twice the price of the whole set. We’ll try to figure something else for next time. 🙂 ( Also, we all do individually many international paperbacks giveaway. So be sure to check us out from time to time. )

      1. I’m not suggesting that is you or your blog,I’m talkng in general observations. I’m still supporting a lot of blogs on FB and wia mail,tweeter…. but I’m not playing giveaways for almost 2 years now (exept sometimes here).

        A lot of my friends are loyal to blogs (as I’m to you) but they feel offended that they are not given the chance to be part of it. I have all of KA books that I bought via Amazon and they cost me a lot of money but that was my choice to buy them,some of friends can’t afford them and those giveaways are the only chance that maybe that will be their luck.

        As I said before those are just my observations,nothing more.I didn’t mean to offend anyone .

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