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Welcome to our stop on the Meet Your Next Book Boyfriend tour! I’m highlighting Bart from Alone on Earth by Susan Fanetti

When I think of Bart, I can’t picture anyone besides Jeremy Renner.

(he’s part of Susan’s dream cast)
Bart (Jeremy Renner):

A Love Letter to Bart Elstad

My Dearest Bart,

Have you ever met someone and known right away how much you were going to love them?

I’m not talking about chemistry, or kindred spirits. I’m not talking about a crush or a friendship. I’m definitely not talking about simple daydreams – heck, not even wet dreams.

What I’m talking about is a soul deep, all-consuming, I’d walk into the pits of hell for you, kind of love. THAT kind of love. The kind of love that takes over the mind, body, heart and soul, leaving you as nothing more than a walking, talking, textbook case of bat-shit crazy. YES. THAT kind of love.

This is the kind of love I’ve felt for you, Bart, from the moment you first rode into my life. How could I resist? Sure, you’re an Intelligence officer for The Night Horde motorcycle club – that alone is sexy as hell – but it’s the ‘intelligence’ behind the title that gets my motor revving. Add in your nerdy ways and I’m a goner. (Star Wars loving, self-confessed geeks are an admitted weakness of mine)

But do you know what it was that sealed my love, creating an eternal flame of devoted worship? Your loyalty and sacrifice.

Bart, what you gave up for the people you love … What you continued to endure to keep everyone safe … The number of times you put everyone ahead of not just your own desires, but your own personal safety, your own life … Loyalty and sacrifice.

Gawd, I love you. I’ll love you ‘til the day I die. It might be a good thing you’re not really real – I don’t know if my heart could handle it. And I’m not sure if my husband would be too pleased with my obsession if you were anything more than the most wonderful fictional man ever created.

Your girl forever, Kim



Signal Bend, Missouri and the Night Horde MC gained notoriety after a shootout on Main Street brought down major players in the Midwest meth trade. The media have turned the Horde into folk heroes, and Hollywood wants a piece of that action.

Riley Chase is America’s sweetheart, with a starring role on a popular television series, and now she’s the lead actress in the movie about Signal Bend. In Hollywood she’s hounded by the press, without the luxury of privacy or secrets, forced to play out her most intimate moments, even tragic ones, on a public stage. In Signal Bend, she’s nearly anonymous, able to discover who she is behind her image.

Bart Elstad is the Horde Intelligence Officer. His responsibility is to keep the club’s secrets buried, especially while the world is looking their way with a long distance lens. He’s in charge of the actors while they’re in town to research their roles.

Bart and Riley forge a quick but intense connection. A casual connection without expectations soon deepens, far more than either of them could have predicted. He sees the woman behind the starshine. She sees the man under the leather. Two very different worlds merge for a brief moment, but reality can’t be suspended forever.

Chaos breaks loose both within and beyond the club. Tensions that have been simmering boil over, with catastrophic consequences. The Horde’s most powerful allies, concerned that their secrets might be exposed in the spotlight of fame, become dangerous enemies. Riley gets caught in the middle. With the future of the Horde in the balance, Bart makes a sacrifice that will change the club, and his life, forever.

Note: Explicit sex and violence.

To read my review click here.


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  1. Bart, the unsung hero of Behold the Stars. I sobbed when he left Signal Bend, and I sobbed when he returned. Never Say Die.

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