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B.A. Paris



The perfect marriage? Or the perfect lie?



Everyone knows a couple like Jack and Grace. He has looks and wealth; she has charm and elegance. He’s a dedicated attorney who has never lost a case; she is a flawless homemaker, a masterful gardener and cook, and dotes on her disabled younger sister. Though they are still newlyweds, they seem to have it all. You might not want to like them, but you do. You’re hopelessly charmed by the ease and comfort of their home, by the graciousness of the dinner parties they throw. You’d like to get to know Grace better.

But it’s difficult, because you realize Jack and Grace are inseparable.

Some might call this true love. Others might wonder why Grace never answers the phone. Or why she can never meet for coffee, even though she doesn’t work. How she can cook such elaborate meals but remain so slim. Or why she never seems to take anything with her when she leaves the house, not even a pen. Or why there are such high-security metal shutters on all the downstairs windows.

Some might wonder what’s really going on once the dinner party is over, and the front door has closed.

From bestselling author B. A. Paris comes the gripping thriller and international phenomenon Behind Closed Doors.


*4 stars* (Because 3.98 sounds too olympic-figure-skating-judgey)

Sorry you had to take all that heat, George Clooney…

If you can dig deep and find it in you to curb your need for concrete common sense and logic for the sake of some truly fun fiction, then you, my friend, are the perfect prospect for Behind Closed Doors .

Because this is the second book by B.A. Paris that I could not put down. Sure, I had to battle a few nagging concerns while I read:
– This wouldn’t really happen this way…
-Surely someone would notice…
-Why doesn’t she SAY something!…
-Is she for real?…
HE for real?…

But it was all in good fun…well, as fun as something this demented and extreme is allowed to be. And, like The Breakdown, my addiction to this read was instantaneous.

This author’s writing is so simple and straightforward, but her storytelling is potent, as is her ability to construct a layered, tension-filled plot.

There isn’t much mystery to speak of in this domestic thriller; its focus lies heavily on the struggle of our heroine and the suspense of what could possibly happen next.

This story highlights the fact that there are flaws lingering beneath almost all surfaces of perfection, and shows just one horrific example of what could really be going on behind closed doors.

Although its content is filled with extremely twisted and bizarre insinuations, this story isn’t the least bit graphic in what it reveals. It displays more mind-control and fear than anything else, but it’s slightly exaggerated and ironically becomes almost funny at times. The *sickening* element is certainly present, but applied with a gentle hand and refrains from growing too dark or heavy.

I was speeding through these pages, oblivious to all the real life *stuff* going on around me. And all too soon came the ending, (which I’m beginning to see this author has a true knack for creating) and … just the highest of fives all around, is all I’m saying. LOVED IT – and I hope you will too!

Author: Kristin (KC)

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