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Mr. Tucker Book Cover Mr. Tucker
Justine Elvira

A senior bet.

Almost every school has one–a tradition that's passed down from year to year. My small school in Tennessee is no different. While some seniors at schools all across the country have senior pranks or senior ditch days, our school has the senior bet.

Lose your virginity by spring break–have proof–and you're in the running for prom queen.

Does it sound ridiculous?

It absolutely is, but ridiculousness won't stop me from getting my prom queen nomination. I've had plenty of opportunities to lose my V-card to one of the boys at my school, but I don't want to sleep with a high school boy. I want a man with experience. I want the man that's been starring in my wet dreams at night. I want my history teacher. I want Mr. Tucker.

*Mr. Tucker is recommended for mature readers 18+ due to subject matter and sexual content.



Mr. Tucker

by Justine Elvira

3.5 Stars

An interesting spin on the teacher/student theme. I enjoyed having the leading lady be the one taking charge, even if her original intention was a little ridiculous (she does admit this – it’s right in the blurb).

I was not a huge fan of how immature the heroine acted throughout this book. Savannah Simple – even when she admits to being immature, has a way of acting totally naive that (for me) only highlighted the unlikely nature of the relationship between her and Mr. Tucker. Although, despite the unlikeliness, I was still completely intrigued by it. No matter how many times I cringed at her lack of understanding of the word “NO” … no matter how many times I rolled my eyes at her sometimes childish ways … I couldn’t get enough. Granted, this character has a huge family burden on her shoulders and carries it with extreme maturity, so perhaps I judged her relationship naivety too harshly.

Mr. Tucker is a goddamn Saint -until he’s not. Definitely f’ing f-able. But there was more to him than just his sexy ways – he’s a man with a brain & that is even sexier than his big !!!

Overall this is a satisfying story. The execution is fairly well done – even if I wasn’t the biggest fan of the leading lady – she grew up in the end & (mostly) redeemed herself for me.
I’d recommend this one for anyone looking for a steamy, taboo read with a side of teenage angst.

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