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(The Fish Tales, #1)

Suanne Laqueur


A watershed moment exists in every man’s life—the moment he stops being his mother’s son and starts being his lover’s man. When he transitions from protected to protector. Erik “Fish” Fiskare is only a college junior when a gunman walks into the campus theater, intent on stopping the show. From the lighting booth, Fish sees his girlfriend, Marguerite “Daisy” Bianco, get caught in the line of fire. Everyone runs away from the stage but Fish, in a watershed moment, runs toward it.

Spanning fifteen years, The Man I Love explores how a single act of violence reverberates through a circle of friends. At the center are Fish and Daisy, two soul mates who always brought out the best in each other. Both are hailed as heroes after the shooting, yet the tragedy starts to bring out the worst in them, tearing the circle apart. Soon, Fish is running again—not toward Daisy this time, but as far away as possible. But can you really leave the one you were born to love? And is leaving always the end of loving?

“You never got over her, Fish. You just left. You may think that’s closure, but it isn’t. You may think a woman like Daisy comes along twice in a lifetime, but she doesn’t.”

Fearlessly touching on today’s social and mental health issues, The Man I Love follows Erik Fiskare’s journey back to the truth of himself and a woman he can’t forget. With its gripping story and an unforgettable cast of characters, this epic novel of love and forgiveness lingers long after the last page is turned.

“A new kind of romance, well-crafted and intelligently written. Suanne Laqueur deftly explores what it means to be vulnerable, resilient and human.”

“A compelling, heartfelt, intense read. The Man I Love raises important and tough social topics that are relevant and timely.”

“An intelligent, perfectly-pitched modern romance. NOT your typical boy meets girl, but a story of first love and how people handle extreme situations.”

“The Man I Love looks love, sex, depression and PTSD in the face and calls them by name. An astounding journey of forgiveness and recovery.”

“Laqueur combines the dynamics of a circle of friends with a school shooting. The result is The Man I Love, a gripping, angsty psychological romance that explores second chances at first love. Book clubs will find plenty to discuss in this coming-of-age emotional journey of forgiveness and recovery. The characters are flawlessly crafted and deserving of love after tragedy. You’ll be thinking about them long after you’ve finished.”

“From university to adulthood, through love and loss, devotion and betrayal, estrangement and forgiveness, the Fish Tales series will bring you on an emotional journey of love and truth.”



Erik & Daisy are college freshman who meet while working on a project together in the theater department. Their young love is ideal and all-consuming. They were each other’s reason for breathing. It was cute watching them fall deeper in love with each other.

One fateful day this love story comes to a spiraling downturn that will forever change Erik & Daisy’s lives. The crash was one that made each of them do stuff that they would have never considered doing prior to this event took over their lives.

Many years have passed as they wrestle to come to terms with what happened to them. They spend a lot of processing that day and figuring out how it affected them and how they were going to move forward.

A little personal history now: I’ve been once removed twice for the event that happened in this book that caused Erik & Daisy to spiral downwards. I’ve seen the heartache and pain this kind of thing causes everyone around them.

The author did a great job recreating and taking the characters through what it was like to re-emerge from such a horrific event.

While this book is very emotional I didn’t cry. I credit my lack of tears to the fact that I’ve been through this twice in my life and each time I shed many tears and I still do today. I did find when Erik went to counseling I felt like I was right there with him getting the help I needed to make sense about how people navigate these type situations.

THE MAN I LOVE is book 1 in The Fish Tales series. I listened to the audio and found it to be wonderfully done. This is my second book by, Ms. Laqueur, and like the other book I read the storytelling is incredibleWELL DONE!

Thank you, Christy, for recommending it and Kara for buddy-listening to it with me. ♥ ♥ ♥

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