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Karina Halle has just released her Dirty Angels Trilogy in a gorgeous box set.

And it’s only $0.99!


The trilogy consists of:
Dirty Angels (book #1), which tells of how Javier and Luisa meet
Dirty Deeds (book #2), which features Javier’s sister and an assassin hired to kill her
Dirty Promises (book #3), which brings Javier and Luisa through hell and back again
**BONUS CONTENT** Includes the novella Esteban (Dark Paradise)

This series is one of our all-time favorite! Dark, suspenseful and steamy!
If you haven’t read it yet, do NOT miss your chance. 
JAVIER is our ultimate anti-hero!
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dirty angels release 2
From the New York Times bestselling author of The Lie comes the complete Dirty Angels trilogy box set (with bonus content, the novella “Esteban”).
Deep within the steamy jungles and unforgiving deserts of Mexico, amid the sordid dealings and gruesome violence of the drug cartels, comes a dark love story unlike any other.
When twisted drug lord Javier Bernal kidnaps beauty queen Luisa Reyes, the abused yet feisty wife of a rival cartel leader, he thinks he’ll have an easy job. Torture the trophy wife until he gets what he wants, then kill her. Business as usual. But the longer Javier has Luisa in his clutches, the more he ends up falling under Luisa’s spell. And the more that Luisa is subjected to Javier’s cruel whims and kinky desires, the more she changes into something…darker. Something just like Javier. Something she can never come back from.
Sometimes, in order to survive, you have to give up your soul.
The Dirty Angels Trilogy takes brave readers on a wild ride through sex, lies, torture, murder, even love, until they’re left with a pounding heart, gasping for air, wanting to do it all over again.


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