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This time last year I was completely immersed in the world of Vaughn Asher … just thinking about him makes me want to go go back & do it all over again. I read these books back-to-back (it’s a novella serial, so easy to do) and loved them all!

Follow (Social Media, #1)Follow by J.A. Huss
4 Stars

JA Huss … You’re a dirty, dirty girl! I like it!

This was not quite what I was expecting. But I did really like it. I’m not completely sold on Grace yet. She seems a bit bi-polar. ‘I want it … no I don’t … Yes I do … Wait, no I don’t.’. Ummmmmm, make up your mind please?

Overall, very well written ( as expected from this author). I’m excited to get the rest of this story!


Like (Social Media, #2)Like by J.A. Huss
5 stars

I think I just fell in love with Vaughn Asher … And Grace might be slowly growing on me as well – although I’m still not 100% sold on her.
I am completely sold on this serial tho … #Hooked



Block (Social Media, #3)Block by J.A. Huss
5 stars

Angst, angst and more angst! Throw in a pile of money, mystery, rumors and sex … You’ve got a book I just #couldntputdown.

Some of it still felt a bit bipolar. But that aspect is actually growing on me. And I’m finally starting to understand Grace a bit better.

I’m still in love with Vaughn Asher. He is my #PrinceCharming.

I do wish this serial would get back to it’s social media roots. It seems to have strayed a bit from that. But otherwise it’s great so far. #Iwantmore.


Status (Social Media, #4)Status by J.A. Huss
5 stars

Soooo good!!! A 6 star worthy read.

I can’t believe all the craziness that was jam packed into this little book. I absolutely adored every moment. Even though that ending left me in near heart failure. #givememore

Grace is now a complex, drastically messed up character that I completely love. And of course there is no prince more charming than Vaughn. #ontothenext


Profile (Social Media, #5)Profile by J.A. Huss
5 stars


This series is so much more than I was expecting. Here I thought I was getting a dirty little story with a light, fun social media theme. But FUCK! So much darker, heavier and raw …. I’m seriously invested in this story!!! And I’m freaking out about that cliffhanger! Love, love, love!


Home (Social Media, #6)Home by J.A. Huss
4.5 stars

I’m not sure quite how I feel about that ending. The rest of the book was completely perfect & wrapped up this serial nicely. I think I was just looking for a little bit more from the last chapter. Some kind of further explanation on … well, that would be a spoiler, let’s leave it at me wanting more.

Overall this serial is fantastic … A definite recommend! I walk away from this still loving Mr Asher … And now I’m also loving Mrs Asher. Superb characters in an unexpectedly deep & gritty read.

Well done J.A. Huss, well done!

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