TWW – Take Me On by Cherrie Lynn


Welcome to another Time Warp Wednesday. Let’s take a little trip back to 2014, shall we?

Take Me On by Cherrie Lynn

Take Me On by Cherrie Lynn

4.5 Phoenix Rising Stars

Thank you Cherrie Lynn!

I absolutely adored this whole series, this book being no exception.

Gabriella Ross is a woman scorned. She has her whole life planned out. She has dreams! She gets her heart & pride trampled when jilted at the alter. But she’s not going to let it stop her! No – she truly is the phoenix rising from the ash.
Ian Rhodes is starting over. He’s had a rough life. He’s making his way as a tattoo artist in a new town. No family, just a few friends. But he’s determined things are going to be better.

I love the older woman/younger man dynamic. We don’t often get that in this type of story & dammit, as an “older” woman, I really appreciate it! I loved the heat between Gabby & Ian. Holy shit, were they scorching? Yes! Hot, hot, hot!
The situation itself may have seemed somewhat overdramatized and slightly unrealistic – but I didn’t care. Itcould happen … to someone … somewhere … maybe. Doesn’t matter … It made an awesome story 🙂

The only part that really bugged me & lowered this rating to a 4.5 instead of a full 5 was SPOILER – read at your own risk [when Gabby even half-heartedly considered giving the man who dumped her at the alter another shot. I don’t care how alone you feel … that shit is NOT ok]. But that situation quickly resolved itself and I got the ending I wanted, along with some misty eyes and happy *sighs*



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