In Dark Woods

In Dark Woods Book Cover In Dark Woods
Signal Bend
Susan Fanetti


AUTHOR’S NOTE: This novella develops a plot point in Alone on Earth, Book Four of the Signal Bend Series, that could not be adequately explored in the POVs of that book. The description below therefore is a spoiler for that event. 

Ride or die. 

An act of treachery has weakened Isaac Lunden, President of the Night Horde MC. His life, and his family’s, is changed fundamentally. Lilli, his old lady, is at his side, exhorting him to fight. But he isn’t sure that what’s left to him is enough to fight for. This is the story of Isaac and Lilli’s journey through those dark woods. 

Note: Explicit scenes. 

Foxy's Review:

“You always say ‘ride or die.’ It doesn’t mean the same thing to me that it does to you, I guess. You say it like it means if you can’t ride, you might as well die. I think it means you’re up for any fight, no matter what, that you never f*cking quit.”description

In Dark Woods is a book that you won’t want to skip. An amazing story of unconditional love that will pull at your heartstrings. The story starts with a pivotal scene from Alone on Earth told from Lilli and Isaac’s pov and progresses to the consequences of that scene.

Meet the men of Night Horde Motorcycle Club: 
Isaac: (40 years old) President and runs the town. A huge nerd.
Showdown: (50 years old) Vice President. Loyal and wise. Isaac’s bestfriend. 
Len: Sergeant at Arms. Loose cannon
Bart: (30 years old) Intelligence Officer. Computer geek and hacker.
CJ:(70 years old) Secretary/Treasurer. Doesn’t like change. Curmudgeon. Last surviving original Horde.
Havoc: Enforcer. Bart’s bestfriend.
Victor: loose cannon. Older, overweight biker. 
Badger: (21 years old) youngest patch. 
Doogie: prospect.
Dom: prospect.
Omen: (25 years old) prospect.

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Continuing story where secondary characters from the first book become the main focus in subsequent books.
Book 1 – Isaac | Book 2 – Isaac | Book 3 – “Showdown” | Book 4 – Bart | Book 5 – “Havoc” | Book 6 – Len
To find out if there will be more books in the series click here.

In Dark Woods (Signal Bend, #4.5) by Susan Fanetti 
(#4.5 – Isaac)

Author: Foxy

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