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Tulsa, Oklahoma, 2000.

Fernando “Ox” Sanchez spent more than two decades as an enforcer in the Brazen Bulls MC before he was named to take the Vice President flash from a brother lost in club turmoil. In the time since, as Ox has settled into his place at their president’s side, the club has cleaned out festering wounds and begun to heal.

The Bulls are strong and growing, their work is expanding, and Ox’s life with his old lady is perfect. Their love has never wavered in fifteen years, their lust for each other still burns hot, and together, they’ve made a home that is a sanctuary from their past and their present.

Life is good. But Ox came from nothing, and scraped for years just to get by. He’s lived long enough to know better than to take the good times for granted.

Madonna “Maddie” Donne met Ox when she was at her lowest, and with him at her side, she’s climbed to heights of success and power matched only by the Bulls. After spending her whole life fighting for survival, she built herself up from that nothing, and Ox offered his shoulders for her to climb on when she couldn’t reach alone.

Together, they’ve built a beautiful life. But that beauty won’t protect them from the fight they’re about to face.

When Ox, named for his size and brute power, takes ill, he and Maddie will need every ounce of strength and resolve, every moment of love and trust, to fight the battle before them now.

Note: explicit sex and violence.

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The English language is filled with so many words and yet I can’t seem to find the right ones to convey how this book made me feel. Please excuse my lack of words to express the feelings this book brought out in me. The story is so realistic that I was humbled by all that happened within the pages.

First I must mention there is an author’s note at the start of the story. If you don’t read it prior to reading the story MAKE SURE you go back and read it once you are done with the story. You won’t be disappointed. It’ll add to your own experience with the story.

It’s been days since I’ve read the book and I’m still thinking about it. One thing I took away from this story was HOPE.No matter what was happening in the story, Ox and Maddie’s commitment to one another and the trust they had in each other left them (and me) believing their love was bigger than the here and now.

Ms. Fanetti outdid herself with this book. The story amazed me at how it was brilliantly told. It’s one story I will continue think on and refer back to when I’m faced with difficult times. Once I was done with the story I hugged my loved ones even tighter and was thankful for our bond and time we have together.

FIGHT is the sixth book in Brazen Bulls MC series. You can read this series without having read any of the other MC series Ms. Fanetti has written, so far. This series is set back, in time, before her other series … it starts out in the 90’s. If you love the thrill of intense scenes mixed with strong characters than this series is for you! ACTUALLY, ALL of Ms. Fanetti’s books are for you. There’s no sugarcoating happening in these books. The characters are strong and battle through each situation to come out a better version of themselves.


RELEASE DATE: June 2, 2018 
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