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Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1998

Simon Spellman isn’t a native Oklahoman. He’s a city boy, born and raised in Chicago, but he’s lived in Tulsa, and worn a Brazen Bull on his back, for years. Tulsa is his home, and the Bulls his family—the only one he claims, and the only one he wants. As far as he’s concerned, life as a Bull is too risky, and the club too demanding, to make room for anyone else.

Especially now, while the Brazen Bulls MC stands on the brink of war, smack in the middle of their hometown.

Debra Wesson has been part of the Bulls family since her younger brother first put on a kutte. She’s known Simon for years; since a crisis threw them together a couple years back, she’s known him intimately. They are perfectly compatible, both adventurous in bed and neither interested in a relationship. They’ve enjoyed each other and kept their hookups a secret from her volatile brother and everyone else.

Until they realize that friends with benefits has become something much deeper, despite their guards against it, and they’re forced to contend with what’s real between them.

But it’s dangerous to be a Bull, or to love one, right now, as the conflict with the Street Hounds finds its flashpoint. With the enemy standing just on the other side of town, there’s no safe place to be.

When war hits home, everything that matters is in the line of fire.

Note: explicit sex and violence.

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Who doesn’t already love this pairing?! There’s something about when the lives of city and country people collide that I always enjoy. It probably started with my enjoyment of Aesop’s Fables: the Town Mouse and the Country Mouse. Two distinctly different worlds trying to meld together. Our city guy, Simon, is in his 30’s and has no desire to settle down. Our country girl, Deb, is always in her 30’s. When she was in her 20’s she moved back home to take care of her dad and help with the farm after a tragedy hit their family and she never left.

Simon and Deb have known each other because Gunner is Deb’s younger brother. He’s also an ‘mc brother’ to Simon. To keep from complicating the situation they keep their “friends with benefits” relationship under wraps. No one is the wiser about them. Basically, they just keep things casual with a “hi” if they see each other outside of the bedroom.

The Bulls have trouble knocking at their front door. The mc is in the middle of a war with their rivals and things are very heated. They’re going to need to find the strength to emerge from the ashes to be able to rise up stronger. I spent a lot of time say, “Wow!” because of what was happening to them. Some moments were so intense that I had to take a mental break because I was too nervous to flip the page.

BLAZE is the fourth book in Brazen Bulls MC series. You can read this series without having read any of the other MC series Ms. Fanetti has written, so far. This series is set back, in time, before her other series … in the 90’s. If you love the thrill of intense scenes mixed with strong characters than this series is for you! ACTUALLY, ALL of Ms. Fanetti’s books are for you. She holds no punches in giving the combo of – sweet & savory. Just when you think things are all well and dandy the ride you’re on shoots forward in a millisecond and you’re in the most intense scene that has you reading with your hands over your eyes.


RELEASE DATE:December 2, 2017 
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