LOVE this book ~ Twist by @sfanetti


(Brazen Bulls, #2)

Susan Fanetti


Tulsa, Oklahoma 1996

Maxwell “Gunner” Wesson is the loose cannon of the Brazen Bulls MC. A loss taken when he was a boy left a hole inside him, full of chaos and noise, and only pain and destruction can quiet the tempest. Full of courage and fiercely loyal, he has the Bulls at his back, even when his outbursts threaten to damage the club.

But the club president’s patience is wearing thin. Gun’s lack of control has put the Bulls on the front lines of a brewing war, right in the heart of Tulsa.

Leah Campbell is a small-town girl, living the life her mother walked away from. She takes care of her father, the town minister, and keeps his secrets, ensuring that he keeps his place as the moral and spiritual center of their community. But Leah has secrets of her own, and she’s faltering under the weight of all the things she cannot say, and all the things she must be and do to keep the truth at bay. She’s filled the hole her mother made, but it’s left her empty.

When two such damaged souls, full of secrets and empty of hope, come together, they will either save each other or tear everything apart.

Note: explicit sex and violence.


Susan Fanetti’s motorcycle books capture the essence of belonging to something bigger than yourself. Being a part of club life equates to being in a family that binds these bikers together. “I got your back.” Those aren’t just meaningless words spoken among the members of Brazen Bulls but something they live and die by.

TWIST is more than merely a title of this story it’s both a physical and a mental theme that runs throughout the story. Being twisted up inside your own head because of loss and loneliness, and twisted up because a tornado has wreaked havoc on your life leads to trying to find outlets for the emptiness that rules your life.

Gunner & Leah are two souls searching to fill the void left in their life with something that will make them feel whole again. Each has their own struggles that they’ve kept hidden from the world.

To take that leap of faith and believe that the other person will be there to catch you is monumental. To be freed of your demons and move forward is not an overnight adventure. Their journey starts out with heartache and overtime progresses to one of inner peace. The ability to find contentment within their situation is a beautiful process to watch these two go through.

Leah is 19 years old and living at home with her dad. She’s the Preacher’s Daughter. “The Good Girl.” It’s a lot of pressure for her to live up to those high standards put on her by her father and his congregation.

Gunner is 28 years old and is wild. He searches out physical pain to let out his inner turmoil. He’s on a short leash with the Bulls because he’s gotten them tangled up in business they could have avoided had he known another way to control his inner beast.

TWIST has a scene in the beginning that gave me pause. I quickly messaged Kim and said, “X just happened!” Kim’s excitement was the counter to my what have I gotten myself into?! *lol* I love how certain things in books can be one person’s thrill and another person’s holy moly. Once you read the scene you’ll know what I’m referring to. 🙂

The overall arc that flows through Brazen Bulls series is one I love. At its core is being part of a “family” where everyone belongs. In good times and bad, the club supports each other. You can read this series without having read any of the other MC series Ms. Fanetti has written, so far. This series is set back, in time, before her other series … in 90’s.


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