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(The Brazen Bulls MC #1)

Susan Fanetti


Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1995.

Conrad “Radical” Jessup, Sergeant at Arms of the Brazen Bulls Motorcycle Club, has life just about where he wants it: he’s free of a bad marriage, and his club is cruising along healthy and strong, their business relationships as solid as their brotherhood. He’s a contented man, riding his road at his speed.

Until a massive highway wreck brings a blonde on a little sportster crashing into his life.

Willa Randall is making a new life in Tulsa, working hard to put a demolished past in her rearview mirror. Trying to keep herself safe, she’s built a life insulated by locks and walls. Inside those walls, she’s alone, but she feels secure, and that’s enough.

Until a big, tattooed biker holds out his hand and helps her up from the pavement.

A love seeded in chaos grows fast and deep. But when chaos is a constant, can any love endure?

Note: explicit sex and violence.

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Crash starts out intense and continues that way until the end of the book. Willa and Rad meet under less than desirable circumstances. Their shared experience bonds these two strangers together.

Rad was previously married to a woman who wasn’t faithful. Since that time he’s steered clear of getting involved romantically with anyone. The club girls work just fine for him. He’s SAA for his MC and not having the complication of a relationship is where he’s at in his life.

Willa is from a small town where girls grow up to be barefoot and pregnant. Willa bucked the system by attending college and becoming a nurse. Her high school sweetheart wasn’t too happy that she was unwilling to keep their lifestyle at status quo.

As stated above these two met during a chaotic time. Neither one is sure they’re ready to explore the connection they felt for one another but the pull is too strong for them to ignore it. Willa is just trying to survive one day at a time. She isn’t wanting a relationship like she had back home with her ex where the guy rules her world. Rad isn’t sure he’s ready to be in a committed relationship after the drama his ex-wife put him through. The circumstance that brought them together created a survivor’s bond between the two of them that can’t be ignored.

”Since she’d joined Rad’s life, she’d taken her hands off the wheel – or the handlebars – and was just enjoying the thrill of the ride, hoping they wouldn’t CRASH headlong into disaster.”

Despite their horrific first meeting, these two were an amazing couple. Both complimenting each other’s weaknesses and strengthens. It was like the universe was waiting for just the right moment to push these two together.

Oh yea, and there is one other main character who deserves to be recognized – Willa’s pitbull Ollie. I really enjoy how Ms. Fanetti captures the true nature of animals in her stories. My heart was with Ollie and his protective nature. A dog’s loyalty is uncomparable and while reading Ollie’s scenes I snuggled up to my fur baby.

CRASH has a great story arc that I look forward to reading more about as I follow these Bulls in the upcoming books. You can read this series without having read any of the other MC series Ms. Fanetti has written, so far. This series is set back before her other series … in 1995.

Meet the men of The Brazen Bulls:
Brian Delaney: President
Oskar “Dane” Nielson: Vice President
Conrad “Radical” Jessup: (40 years old) Sergeant at Arms.
Simon Spellman: Secretary / Treasurer
Fernando “Ox” Sanchez: Enforcer
Edgar “Eight Ball” Johnston: Enforcer
Gary Becker: Enforcer
Griffin Hayes: Medic
Richard “Maverick” Helm: Soldier
Maxwell “Gunner” Wesson: Soldier
Neil “Apollo” Armstrong: Soldier
Andrew “Slick” Zabek: Prospect
Walter “Wally” Hansen: Prospect

Crash (Brazen Bulls MC, #1) by Susan Fanetti
More books are scheduled to be released throughout the year. There’s a story arc that flows through all the books that require the reader to read them in release order – not a standalone.

**Complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.**

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