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Foxy Blogs is honored to have Liz as a guest blogger.
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Liz is highlighting Brenna from God’s Eye by Susan Fanetti. 

#WhoRunTheWorld #BrennaGodsEye 

Hi, my name is Liz, I am an avid reader, and I was lucky enough to be asked to participate in the Book Heroines Tour.

 Now, for me, I had only one heroine in mind, and that was Brenna “God’s Eye”, from my number one series, the viking series, The Northwomen Sagas. Written by Susan Fanetti.

We meet Brenna in the 1st installment of the series, which follows her on her journey/trials to become a great shield maiden and also bumps into my husband, Vali, “Storm Wolf”.  I’m kidding, Brenna would hack my head off with her beloved axe.

Brenna is a character full of strength & determination. She was an incredible woman to read. I fell in love with her & her story. She goes through some extremely harrowing times. But she stays strong no matter what is thrown her way. She’s a fighter, and an almighty shield maiden. She really does leave you wanting more. I think in a way I saw her as a mother figure, someone I’d gladly stand by and fight…..if I was a Viking lol. She really made the book for me. And I’m eternally great full that I got the experience I did whilst reading this one of a kind story.



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6 thoughts on “Meet #WhoRunTheWorld: Brenna (God’s Eye by @sfanetti) 2 #giveaways (@Lizziminto)

  1. I love Susan Fanetti, but to my eternal shame I haven’t gotten around (yet) to read her Northwomen Sagas…

    1. Love this, Liz! Great job. There is no other series like the Northwomen Sagas. Brenna rocks!

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