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Anarchy Found Book Cover Anarchy Found
Super Alpha
JA Huss

Everyone needs a hero.
That’s what Detective Molly Masters tells me. “What we need,” she says, “what the whole world needs,” she pleads, “is a champion.”
The only thing I want to talk about with Molly Masters is how I’d like to make her scream my name when I push her up against a wall, slide my hand up her thigh, and live out my wildest fantasies.
“Someone who will fight against injustice,” she says.
I’ll fight against anything you want, honey. Just come a little closer.
“Someone who will stand tall in the face of adversity,” she says.
I’ll do it standing, sitting, or lying down. See how easy I am?
“Someone who believes in the value of a good deed,” she says.
I believe in the value of me, sweetheart. Because I’m Lincoln Wade. Jaded genius, obscenely wealthy, capable of violence, and looking for revenge.
Molly Masters might have delusions of grandeur. She might see me as some superman capable of cleaning up the scum, filth, and corruption in Cathedral City.
But I’m not the hero she’s looking for.
I’m the dark alley where all her good intentions hide.
So be careful what you wish for, Molly Masters.
Because you’re about to get it

Anarchy Found by J.A. Huss
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

My mind has been completely blown. I fucking LOVED it!
Maybe it’s my inner nerd talking, but there was no way I could resist this book.

He’s a Superhero for fuck sake! Okay, maybe he’s more like an anti-hero (even better). He lives in a cave. Has a crazy, tragic background. Loves his woman with a lethal intensity. Has an incredible foul mouth. And he’s a genius!
Oh, and he’s soooo fucking sexy! Seriously sexy. I practically combusted. Lincoln is going on my all-time favorite book boyfriend list, no question.



Don’t overlook the incredibly kickass heroine. Molly is not only a detective. She’s ex-military. Part of a daredevil circus family. Gun toting. Dirt bike riding. Oh, and let’s not forget that she’s insanely intuitive. Extraordinarily passionate. She believes in fighting for what’s right. Not to mention, she’s equally as sexy as her leading man.
If I liked girls, she’d definitely be at the top of my list.

Bike Boy & Gun Girl
This story had my mind going in circles. All my attempts to guess what would happen next were completely useless. So many twist & turns.
True to it’s superhero concept, this book packed a serious punch. So much action. So much intrigue.
I had a hard time not just reading this one cover-to-cover.

The absolute best part of this story is that it’s so very unique. I’ve read a few books that are slightly similar. But none done quite like this. And none done quite as well as this.

Cant’ wait for more!!!



So Many Great Quotes!

“I’m not the hero she’s looking for. I’m the dark alley where all her good intentions hide.”

“Everything about Molly points to danger for me. She’s a cop, I’m a criminal. She’s good and I’m bad. She’s the end and I’m the beginning.”

“The gun isn’t the weapon, bike boy. I am.”

I am mayhem, I am anarchy and I am found. But most of all, I am Alpha.

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    1. Thank you! It’s great if you love romance with a twist. I would call this romantic suspense … with a side of superhero/sci-fi. 😉

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