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Tyler Westbrook, better known as Johnny Depth, is taking the adult film industry by storm.

With his playboy looks, it’s no surprise a few coworkers have attempted to take things off set

and into the bedroom, but Tyler refuses to blur the lines between work and play…until the

new assistant to the director walks in.

Jemma Morgan was recently fired from a lead role on a kid’s TV show that was supposed to

be her big break. Unable to get another acting gig, she’s accepted a job in an industry she

never expected to be a part of. Although she anticipates being shocked her first few days on

set, nothing could prepare her for the moment she’s asked to hold the reflector as her ex-

boyfriend plows through a woman like a Kansas cornfield.

In a world of butt-plugs, lube, and fake moans, is there a place for a second chance? Exes

and some serious ohs…the term ex-rated just took on a whole new meaning.



4.5 Stars

Who doesn’t love a second-chance, friends-to-lovers with a bit of a hate-to-love you kind of vibe?

This book had some fabulous elements to it. The main characters – Jemma & Tyler – are both equally great in their own ways. I loved how they were reunited while each at their lowest point in life … it brought a complexity that made the light “fun” nature of the story much more expressive and meaningful. Heather (Jemma’s best friend) may very well be one of my favorite funny female sidekicks ever – she is f’ing hilarious! And I adored the backstory to the main plot.

This whole book was a really great, easy read. There are definitely some heavy elements to it, but they’re dealt with in a way that makes the reader feel comfortable. Overall, I was happy to get my hands on a book that managed to make me laugh one minute and swoon the next. Oh, and did I mention how incredibly sexy the whole thing is … but I guess the title probably gave that part away.

A book I’ll be recommending to friends!

*An advance copy was provided for review. Thank you.

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